Former Graduate Students

  • Dr. Ross DeAngelis
    Graduated: 2018,
    Neuroscience Ph.D
    Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (Ph.D.), 2014-2018, currently looking for a postdoc position
  • Dr. Petra Majdak Graduated: 2016, Neuroscience Ph.D
    Neuroscience (MD/PhD), 2011-2016; currently finishing the MD portion of her MD/PhD training
  • Dr. Martina L. Mustroph Graduated: 2014, Neuroscience Ph.D
    2009-2014, Neuroscience Fellowship, Beckman Fellowship, NIH NRSA individual Fellowship (F30 award); currently neurosurgery resident at Harvard Medical School
  • Dr. Peter J. Clark Graduated: 2011, Psychology Ph.D
    2006-2011, Center for Healthy Minds grant, $5000; currently Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Dr. Jonathan Zombeck Graduated: 2010, Neuroscience Ph.D,
    2006-2010, Neuroscience Fellowship; currently employed by Technology Licensing Office, MIT, Boston, MA
  • Dr. Kristy Du Graduated 2017 Division of Nutritional Science Currently staff scientist at Pepsi Co.