Media Highlights 2021-present

2021-present Highlights

April 24, 2023. How exercise can boost brain health

“Exercise is known to improve cognitive health by changing hippocampal neurons in the brain,” Ki Yun Lee, a PhD student in mechanical science and engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the study’s lead author, told Healthline. “Our study provides new insights into how chemical signals from contracting muscles in vitro can accelerate the maturation of hippocampal neurons and promote the formation of neuronal networks.”

June 25, 2022. Why “micro workouts” can have significant mental and physical benefits

Scientists are still debating the exact mechanism through which this works. The most important thing to know though, says Rhodes, is that “every time you get up and run really quickly, the hippocampus becomes very activated…and the faster you run, the more neural activity is in that part of the brain.”