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Not Pictured: Gillian Hamilton, Sam Perez, Daniel Miller, Heinrich Pinardo, Elizabeth Grogan, Ivy Hernandez

Research in the Rhodes lab focuses on neurobiology of physical exercise and drug abuse using the laboratory mouse as the model organism and the neurobiology of socially controlled sex change in the clownfish. The lab is supported by two federally funded grants through NIH and a grant funding the Mouse Cognition Core Facility acquired from the Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory at the University of Illinois. The lab consists of 2 postdoctoral research fellow, 4 graduate students, 1 research coordinator, 6 research technicians, and several undergraduates. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and devoted to training the next generation of neuroscientists and geneticists. The Rhodes lab provides an opportunity where students can develop independence and be highly productive.

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Congratulations to Dr. Gillian Hamilton on receiving the Beckman Postdoctoral Fellowship!

For any hard-working, enthusiastic undergraduates that are interested in working the lab, please refer to the 'Contact' tab for the lab application and the deadlines for submission.