Anastassia Sorokina

Anastassia Sorokina is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology, with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience and Certificates in Neuroscience and Undergraduate Research. She started in the Rhodes lab in the Spring of 2015 with interest in drug interactions and behavior in a mouse model for ADHD. For her honors thesis project, she is currently working on analyzing the molecular genetic basis of an ADHD-like phenotype in a selectively bred mouse model. Starting May 2017, Anastassia began working as a full-time Research Technician in the laboratory.








1. Majdak P, Grogan EL, Gogola JV, Sorokina A, Tse S, Rhodes JS (2016) The impact of maternal neglect on genetic hyperactivity. Behavioural brain research 313:282-292.


2. Majdak P, Ossyra JR, Ossyra JM, Cobert AJ, Hofmann GC, Tse S, Panozzo B, Grogan EL, Sorokina A, Rhodes JS (2016) A new mouse model of ADHD for medication development. Scientific reports 6:39472.




1. Laura Bolton Research Development Award (June 2017)


2. Erik Haferkamp Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research (May 2017)


3. MCB SROP Award (April 2017)


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