Amanda Snyder

Amanda Snyder is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Psychology, with a Minor in Chemistry and Certificates in Neuroscience and Undergraduate Research. She started in the Rhodes lab in the Spring of 2015 with interest in the effect of diet on aging. For her thesis project, she is currently working on deducing the effects of cocoa flavanols on cerebral blood perfusion in aged mice. Starting May 2017, Amanda began working as a full-time Research Technician in the laboratory, and in August 2017 she took a new role as Lab Manager.









1. Rendeiro C, Du K, Mun J, Snyder A, Pinardo H, Kuchan MJ, Lai CS, Rhodes JS. Impact of Vitamin E during neonatal development: establishment of mouse models to manipulate the distribution of alpha-tocopherol stereoisomers in the neonatal brain. In prep


2. Konopka C, Snyder A, Pinardo H, Bhattacharya TK, Rodriguez-Mateos A, Dobrucki W, Rhodes JS, Rendeiro C. Cocoa-flavanols modulation of cerebral blood perfusion in aged mice: acute and chronic effects. In prep




1. Office of Undergraduate Research Support Grant (November 2016)


2. James Scholar Preble Research Award (November 2016)


3. James Scholar Preble Research Award (March 2017)


4. MCB SROP Award (April 2017)


5. Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Travel Award (August 2017)


6. Office of Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Grant (October 2017)





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